G3F family – Portable, wireless laser line triangulation sensors

G3F sensors: a family of laser line triangulation sensors designed for the in-line operators. Portable, wireless, ergonomic measurement devices.

G3F Features

  1. Portable and ultra-ergonomic design
    • Small and lightweight, it can easily fit in your pocket
  2. Wireless and IoT device
    • smart communication to the factory plant
  3. Fast measurements
    • Less than 1 s for a single measurement
  4. One laser, multiple surfaces
    • The 405 nm laser makes it possible to efficiently measure on different surfaces, including transparent and reflective materials
  5. Eye safety
    • G3F ensures operator safety conditionally switching on/off the laser beam
  6. AI Engine
    • G3F runs patented AI algorithms for measurement uncertainty management
  7. QR/Bar code reader
    • For part ID tracking
  8. Integrated colour sensor
    • For image quality optimization
  9. Rechargeable removable battery
    • Assures no stop operation

Technical Specifications of G3F

Laser (class 2M – EN 60825-1)405 nm
Measuring range X (lateral)17 mm (@Z=0 mm) ……… 22 mm (@ Z=12 mm)
Measuring range Z (axial)0 …… 12 mm
Resolution X7 mm (@Z=0 mm) ……. 9 𝜇m (@ Z=12 mm)
Resolution Z9 𝜇m
Display1″ integrated display
Dimensions – envelope (ergonomic shape)48 x 75 x 165 mm
Weight350 g

G3F Solutions

G3F-gap&flush – portable sensor for the measurement of gap&flush in different industrial sectors (automotive, appliance, aerospace, furniture, ………)

G3F-profil – portable sensor for the measurement of geometric profiles in various industrial sectors (automotive, appliance, aerospace, furniture, ………)

G3F System

The G3F system is designed for a customized, flexible and comprehensive approach for any specific application, from inline quality control, to quality laboratories and product development in manufacturing environments.

  • one or more G3F sensors connected to the network
  • SW HMI for display and analysis of geometric measurements
  • a set of accessories for alignment or mechanical mounting
The G3F sensor
The SW HMI for display and analysis

Accessories. All G3F sensors may be equipped with specific accessories, in order to assure proper positioning of the sensor with respect to the target. Alignment masks are specifically designed for the task, are made in polimeric materials of different stiffness by additive manufacturing and are mounted in front of the sensor. Supporting brackets can be realized as well for fixed and/or removable installations.