G3F-gap&flush – Portable “smart” laser line profilometer for Gap&Flush measurement

Portable laser line triangulation sensor, wireless, “smart” for Gap & Flush measurement. Specifically designed for operators performing in-line quality control.

Gap and Flush

Gap: distance between two adjacent panels.

Flush: step existing between the two panels. 

The G3F device

G3F Features

  1. Portable and ultra-ergonomic design
    • Small and lightweight, it can easily fit in your pocket
  2. Wireless and IoT device
    • smart communication to the factory plant
  3. Fast measurements
    • Less than 1 s for a single measurement
  4. One laser, multiple surfaces
    • The 405 nm laser makes it possible to efficiently measure on different surfaces, including transparent and reflective materials
  5. Eye safety
    • G3F ensures operator safety conditionally switching on/off the laser beam
  6. AI Engine
    • G3F runs patented AI algorithms for measurement uncertainty management

Technical Specifications of G3F

Laser405 nm
Working range X (lateral)20 mm @ 12 mm
Working range Z (axial)0 to 12 mm
Uncertainty X (Gap)< 25 𝜇m
Uncertainty Z (Flush)< 20 𝜇m
Measurement time< 1 s
Display1″ integrated display
Dimensions45 x 45 x 120 mm
Weight300 g
Battery life8 h

Application sectors (some typical examples -contact us for specific sectors of your interest !:

Automotive – G3F can be used by the operators in the Final Assembly line, to measure the gap and flush between different parts of  the car body.

Household appliances – G3F can be used by the operators to measure the gap and flush between the front panel and the door of the oven.

Aeronautics – G3F can be used by the operators to measure the flushness of the fasteners mounted on the aircraft