G3F-gap&flush – Portable “smart” laser line profilometer for Gap&Flush measurement

Portable laser line triangulation sensor, wireless, “smart” for Gap & Flush measurement. Specifically designed for operators performing in-line quality control.

Gap and Flush

Gap: distance between two adjacent panels.

Flush: step existing between the two panels. 

The G3F device

G3F HMI in gap&flush mode: automotive assembly: alignment of tail-gate to car body

Application sectors

Hereafter some typical examples of gap/flush measurements -contact us for specific sectors of your interest !

Automotive – G3F can be used by the operators in the Final Assembly line, to measure the gap and flush between different parts of  the car body.

Household appliances – G3F can be used by the operators to measure the gap and flush between the front panel and the door of the oven.

Aeronautics – G3F can be used by the operators to measure the flushness of the fasteners mounted on the aircraft