U-SENSE.IT makes use of the experience and results gained within the European Project GO0DMAN (Contract no. H2020-FOF-03-2016-723764), to develop, produce and market portable sensors for quality and process control measurements in the production line, for the manufacturing industry.

In production environments, in particular in assembly lines, the role of operators is and will remain very important, also in the process of digitization of production environments that is characterizing this phase of industrial development.

In this context, U-SENSE.IT deals with the development of portable instruments for contactless measurements, of optical and acoustic type, digitally connected to the factory network and capable of increasing the ability of operators to act, according to an approach. of Augmented Humanity.

G3FSmart-phone based hand-held Gap&Flush measurement system for in-line quality control in automotive assembly lines. The first prototype demonstrator developed in GO0DMAN project

G3F v2.0 is SOON TO COME – Stay tuned !!